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We want to start by saying, “Thank you” for considering adoption as a way to create or expand your family.

We believe that every child has a right to be unconditionally accepted as a permanent member of a family and that adoption is a lifelong commitment and act of unconditional love.

We appreciate you taking the time to consider Adoption Services, Inc. as a possible

Partner in Your Adoption Journey

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Our Services Include:

Adoption Agency- Years of Experience

Adoption Services Inc. was established in 1983 as the first private, non-profit, non-sectarian licensed adoption agency in Wisconsin. With offices located in the Appleton and Milwaukee area, we provide an array of services and support to the expectant parents, birth parents, and people hoping to expand their family through adoption throughout the state of Wisconsin. 

Our mission, “Here today for a child’s tomorrow” brings 3 hearts (birth mother, adoptive parents, and child) through 2 journeys to build 1 family with a common bond of love.

Adoption makes clear something that is true in all life - we are interdependent of one another. It is imperative that we create an environment for positive decision making, made in partnership with one another. 

Our Programs & Services

​- Birth Parent Counseling and Assistance  

- Domestic Agency Home Studies, Licensing, Matching, and Post-Placement Services

Independent Home Studies, Licensing, and Post Placement Services

- Out-of-State Adoptive Home Studies and Post-Placement Services

- Step-Parent Adoption Services

- Relative Adoption Services

​- Embryo Adoption Services

Adoption Services- Dedicated Staff
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Welcome to Adoption Services Inc.

About Us-Licensed Adoption Professionals

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​​​​​​​As a small operating agency, we take pride in our ability to provide

Personal and Individual Attention to our all of our clients.

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