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Out of State Adoption Services Checklist

Out-of-State Adoption is very similar to Independent Adoption where a birthparent and an adoptive family find each other or are matched by a source or service outside of ASI.

In this program either the birthparent(s) or adoptive family lives outside of Wisconsin.

The adoptive family, or the birthparent ASI to complete services needed. 

The services needed will depend on several factors and ASI can tailor our role in your adoption journey to the individual needs of our adoptive families and birthparents.

Out of State Adoption Costs National Average

$20,000 to $50,000 in Program Fees

$7,000 to $11,000 in Program Fees

Out of State Adoption Program Requirements

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How does a birthparent from another state find us?
There are a number of ways for an expectant parent to find you. Through your website, through the out of state agency that you are working with, through a friend, co-worker, or relative.

Do we need to travel to where the birthparent resides?
Depending on your relationship with the birthparent, you will likely want to meet before deciding to work with each other. The birth parent may want you to be able to be at the hospital when she delivers. When the baby is ready for discharge from the hospital, will you be taking the baby home? This is a decision that will be made between the birthparent and adoptive parents. To travel back to your state you would need approval from InterState Compact (ICPC) both from the sending and receiving states.

Are adoption laws the same in all states?
No, each state has their own laws regarding adoption.

Are the homestudy, matching, placement, post-placement, and finalization requirements the same in all states?
No, they are not all the same. You are required to have a homestudy completed in your home state. Fees will vary for adoption related services and could be paid to an attorney or an adoption agency. States will have different acceptable expenses that may be paid for birthparent expenses. It will depend on the state if you are able to finalize there if you are not a resident of the state.

Are there different time limits that a birthparent can change their minds?
In Wisconsin a birthmother has to appear in court before a judge to terminate her parental rights. A birthfather is able to terminate his rights without appearing at court. If the birthparents are married than the father is presumed to be the father and will have to appear in court to terminate his parental rights regardless if he is the biological parent or not. In many states a birthmother is able to sign a relinquishment form to terminate her parental rights and does not have to go to court.

Do we need an attorney in Wisconsin?
Yes, an attorney is required. The attorney will petition the court for a hearing and will represent either the birthmother or the adoptive family. The attorney will take testimony during the hearing from the birthparents, agency, and the adoptive family if they are present at the hearing.

Where do we finalize?
It will depend on the state. Some states will let you finalize in their state if you are not a resident of their state but in Wisconsin, you are only able to finalize your adoption if you are a resident of Wisconsin. Wisconsin also requires six months of post placement visits prior to finalizing your adoption.

Do we get to take the baby home from the hospital?
That will depend on the wishes of the birthmother. In Wisconsin, a birthparent is able to take the baby home, place the baby with a relative, or place the baby in foster care, If you are placed with a baby and you are out of state you will need to wait for ICPC approval before returning home.

What are the fees for birthparent services and birthparent expenses? Are they the same in all states?
States have different birthparent expenses that are considered to be acceptable fees. If you are finalizing your adoption in Wisconsin you will need to follow Wisconsin limits.

Out of State Adoption Frequently Asked Questions
Out of State Adoption Agency Costs Estimate

Each State has different licensing and adoption laws and requirements. Because the matching process takes place outside of ASI we access these situations on a case to case basis.

We take into account the choice made by the birthparent, the laws and requirements of both sending and receiving States, and the laws and requirements of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC).

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