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​​​When to say “Yes” or “No”

What are we eating?

Do I have time to take a shower? 

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​​Most decisions take a split second to make, but ever so often a Mother is faced with a decision that can only be made after careful consideration.

​This is one of those times. 

​Pregnancy Counseling is a fragile process that will be difficult at times. Our goal is to provide you with tools, information, and support that allow you to reach a, thoroughly considered, decision and create a parenting plan for you and your baby no matter what decision you come to.

At the heart of Adoption Services is our concern for our Birthparents  wrestling with the difficulties of a pregnancy, and our hopeful Adoptive Parents  struggling with the heartache of infertility.

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If you would prefer to continue exploring and researching on your own without our assistance, below are some links to get you started. More can be found on the top menu bar.

Everyday Mothers, like you, make a lot of decisions. 

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We want you to know how much we appreciate your interest in adoption, our agency, and

how we can help support you. 

Women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy are often experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. What you're feeling right now is normal, no reaction is the right reaction, and every woman's pregnancy journey is uniquely their own. 

If you are doubting yourself...stop! You are here, taking the first steps to explore and educate yourself on all of your options. That takes a great amount of strength and courage.

We know it's cliché, but at Adoption Services we say that, “Adoption is an Option”. It isn’t the only option, and whether it is right for you and your baby is a decision only you can make. Every expecting mom, whos pregnancy is planned or unplanned, starts their journey, asking the question, “Am I ready?”

You are our Priority, it doesn't matter how you answer that question or if you decide to pick an adoptive family, prepare to raise your child, or seek medical advice on abortion we are here to support you. 


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Birthparent Assistance and Services

​​Thank you for taking the time to read our introduction, we hope that we made a good first impression.

Before you leave, we want to provide you with a quick summary of our services

We are a small agency and take pride in the personalized attention we provide to all of our clients.

There is so much more information and support we can offer. We want you to free to explore and research however you are most comfortable. So, if you would like to speak to a birthparent counselor as soon as possible please contact us via: