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From Us, To You

Years Together: 8 years

Practiced Religion: Non-Denominational

Madeaya's Occupation: Stay-at-home mom

​Jacob's Occupation: Fire Fighter

We are grateful to you for taking the time to get to know us a little bit more. We realize that you may be feeling many different emotions at this time, and we want you to know that we will be supportive towards you as well as your child. We deeply respect the decisions your are making and we will care about you, too. This is a lifelong journey, and we hope you may consider us to be a part of it. We hope that as you get to know us you will feel the love, laughter, and joy in our daily lives and our adventures, so that you can imagine what a life could be like for your child.

Adoption is how we have chosen to continue to grow our family. We had planned on adopting regardless of what our fertility journey looked like. Although we were fortunate to conceive our daughter naturally our luck ended with her, and that's OK because it’s all part of the journey, and we are pretty good at appreciating how our story has been written by God himself. Besides, it doesn't matter how our family is formed, It's about growing our family in a way that brings more joy and love into this world, blending our current traditions with new ones that represent our adopted child, and creating a space where all members of our family feel loved, valued, and have a sense of belonging.

We acknowledge that you have a very important role in your child's life and we would like to have an open adoption so that your child will know their story We'd love to learn more about your hopes and wishes for your child and discover how we can come together to create a life filled with unconditional love and support for them. It is important to us that we honor your wishes towards what level of openness you would like to have in your child's life. We will honor the promises we make together, and always keep your child's needs at the center of our decisions.

All Our Best,

Jacob & Madeaya


Fun Facts About Us

Our Favorites

Our profile book cover signifies the image above is the same image on the couples profile book in Adoption Services Inc's office.

Madeaya & Jacob

Our Promise To You

Our Promise to you

We will work hard to teach our children strong values. We will raise our family on Christian values and teach them the importance of being grounded in faith. We will lead by example to stand up for what is right and what is important to them. We will help them learn from their mistakes and teach them that their mistakes do not define them and help them understand how to have grace with themselves and others. Most importantly we will create a safe space for our children to always feel loved and supported and embrace them for who they are.

Photo of Madeaya and Jacob. Looks just like their profile book cover.

Pets: Yes, 2 dogs (Marvin & Russell) and 1 Cat (Miss Nancy)

Stay-At-Home Parent: Yes

Other Adopted Children: No

​Other Biological Children: Yes

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