Hi there!

First of all…how are you? Whatever your answer is, we send love, peace, hope, and support your way. Let’s face it, this is hard. The roads that bring us together are unique ones and not for the faint of heart. But we are not only survivors, we are thrivers. We are so honored that you are choosing to learn more about us and take a peek at what joining our family could be like for your child. In truth, we cannot even begin to imagine the journey you are traveling, but know that you are so beautiful and brave to be doing so. We see you, and we want you to know that the road that you choose will be the right one for you and your child, whatever it may look like. And if our paths are meant to come together, words cannot express the sheer joy that would bring us.

We’ve been together for 16 amazing years, and from the very beginning of our relationship, we both knew we wanted to have children someday. But we also didn't want to rush into it, and wanted to enjoy each other for awhile before starting a family. And the fun and the love that continued to grow between us quickly became something amazing that we wanted to share even more!

But that journey did not prove to be an easy one. We actively tried for 5+ years experiencing what is the rollercoaster ride of infertility. Finally it dawned on us that we should step back and see the bigger picture. All we want is to share our life and all of the wonderful blessings we have with a child. To experience what it is like to love, nurture, and raise a little spirit to be the best person they can be in this world. We looked around us at friends who have adopted (and we have quite a few), looked at each other, and said "this is the path for us". Just like when we met, we just knew this was right. We are unbelievably excited to welcome a new little life into this world and grow our family through adoption.

We want you to know that we don't make promises lightly... and so we will not promise to be perfect, nor will we promise that we won't make mistakes on our journey of parenthood. But we WILL promise that we will ALWAYS do our best, we will ALWAYS learn along the way, and we will ALWAYS lead with love. The gift of your child will be unlike any we have ever received and will be the most cherished gift in our lives. They will be loved like none other and we will give them all of the opportunities that we can to experience the world and blossom into the wonderful person they are meant to become. They will receive the best education we can give them, they will be exposed to all kinds of people and places, and they will grow up knowing how incredibly loved they are by you and us. Our (yours & our) child will always know how your profound love and bravery made us a family.

We so very much look forward to meeting you!

With Love,

Nathan & Jessica

Adoption Profile Photo. Jessica and Nathan in a hot air balloon basket. They build and fly hot air balloons together.

Fun Facts About Us

Our Kitties

Adoption Profile Photo of Jessica and Nathan sitting together on a bench smiling
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Our Kitties

Meet Lily, Toby, and Cinna! Our fur babies light up our lives. They each are so lovable, have such unique personalities, and bring us so much joy every day. Lily is our oldest and she has a very special bond with Jessica. She is sweet and very very brave (the vacuum has nothing on her!). Toby is our "goober". He plays fetch with his little toy mice, talks to us all of the time, and is Nathan's little sidekick. Cinna is our baby who we rescued during the pandemic. She had a very rough start, but through lots of love and nurturing, has blossomed into a sweet, quirky little girl who loves to cuddle.

Adoption Profile Photo. Jessica and Nathan in a hot air balloon basket floating high above trees. They build and fly hot air balloons together.

Years Together: 16 years, Married 14

Practiced Religion: Christian (Non-Denominational)

​Jessica's Occupation: Innovation Leader

​Nathan's Occupation: Brand Director

Adoption Profile. Jessica and Nathan answered eight questions about themselves.
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Adoption Profile Photo. Jessica and Nathan dancing together on their wedding day

Our Favorites

Adoption Profile Photo. Jessica and Nathan on their wedding day very happy.

From Us, To You

Adoption Profile Photo. Jessica and Nathan standing on a lookout point. Rushing river and waterfall behind them.
Adoption Profile Photo. Jessica and Nathan laugh. One hand each on an inflatable pool toy shaped like a flamingo.
Adoption Profile. Jessica and Nathan's list of favorite items, activities, and foods.
Jessica and Nathan embrace behind an empty gold picture frame


Jessica & Nathan

Adoption Profile Photo. Jessica kisses Nathan on the cheek while he smiles brightly
Adoption Profile Photo. Photo of Jessica and Nathan's three cats, Lily, Toby, and Cinna.

Pets: Yes, 3 Cats - Lily, Toby, and Cinna

Stay-At-Home Parent: No

Other Adopted Children: No

​Other Biological Children: No