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We have no idea what you are going through making all the decisions you are about to make. Know that we are in awe of your strength no matter what you decide. We would be beyond happy to go through this journey with you. 

We live in a quiet family filled neighborhood with our dogs Tank and Laney close to lots of our family. We are so excited to bring a child into our movie nights, family dinners, gatherings with friends and family, trips up north, Christmas tree chopping, and to visit family in other states. We also look forward to new adventures a child will bring; trips to the park, first day of school, homework, sports games, science fairs, all of it!

Our intention as parents is to love our child completely, and unconditionally, help them explore their world, and their interests, and be there to support them through every up and down life brings their way. We are so thankful a child will get to be a part of our large close-knit family, and spend lots of time with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins who are just as excited as we are to add another member to the family. 

We want you to know we are open to having you in our lives however that looks and feels right for you, and however that changes as life moves along. Your child will always know how much you love them, and they will always love you.

Pets: Yes, 2 Dogs, Tank and Laney

Stay-At-Home Parent: No

Other Adopted Children: No

​Other Biological Children: No

Years Together: 4 years

Jenny's Occupation: Charitable Programs Processor

​Dustin's Occupation: Law Enforcement

Jenny & Dustin