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​3 Hearts, 2 Journeys, 1 Family


Dear Expectant Parents,

Hello and welcome to our family’s profile! We are James, Val, Eleanor, and Theo. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  We admire your strength and love for your child. We cannot fully understand the difficult decision you are facing but know we are praying for you. Our hope is that this summary will give you a feel for who we are as a family.  We love being parents.  We love spending time together as a family.  We are excited to welcome a baby into our home.

-Love and Marriage . . . an Excellent Adventure.
We (Val and James) have been married for 16 years.  We met our first day of college and have been best friends ever since.  Our marriage has been rooted in friendship, love and a commitment to fun.  We have two children, Eleanor and Theo. Val gave birth to Eleanor in 2007. We then faced unexplained infertility which led us to one of the happiest moments as a family: We adopted Theo in 2011.  As a family, we enjoy the great outdoors together and spending time with our extended families.  We are also active in our Catholic parish, where our kids both go to school. 

-Val . . . Wife, Friend and Mother Extraordinaire.
Val was a neurology nurse before Eleanor was born.  Now, she is very happily a stay at home mom.  She volunteers at the kids’ school and enjoys cooking, reading, and hiking with our dog, Gonzo.  Val grew up the middle of three girls.  Her family lives close and they see each other often.  The kids have lots of cousins around their ages, so visits are full of activity.  Val was an athlete in college.  She rowed for UW‑Madison for four years and remains close to her former teammates.

-James . . . Loves Spending Time with the Family and Making People Laugh.
James loves spending time with the kids, whether playing at a park or coaching a new sport.  Family adventures are always a highlight for James.  One of James’ favorite activities during the year is writing the family’s Christmas letter, which he has written from the perspective of our dog the past few years.  James loves to make people laugh.  He has two brothers, both living pretty close.  Their kids offer another great group of cousins for Eleanor and Theo to play with.  James’ family really enjoys cheering on the Packers and Badgers. Like his dad and two older brothers, James works as a lawyer.  He helps businesses with contract and negotiation matters.

-Eleanor Mae . . . Smiler, Swimmer and Great Big Sister.
We’re biased, but Eleanor is a great little lady.  She loves swimming, playing with friends, flamingos, and anything purple.  (If there were purple flamingos, she would probably want one as a pet.)  Our neighbor, Mia, is one of her best friends and they love to bike around the neighborhood together.  And, she is a great big sister, playing games with Theo—even when it means more Star Wars than she would like.

-Theodore Daniel . . . Great Friend, Little Brother and Worker Guy.
Theo is a very happy and energetic boy.  He loves playing outside, doing yardwork with James, and being a cub scout.  He has a wonderful imagination and loves engaging with people young and old.  He is very gentle around babies and can’t wait to be a big brother.  We are very blessed to have an open relationship with his birthmother, Amber, who lives in Minnesota.

-Road Trips
We enjoy short getaways from our regular routine a couple times a year.  The past couple of summers we have taken a week-long road trip.  First, we went out West to Mount Rushmore.  Then, we went East to Washington D.C.  This past winter we went skiing as a family for the first time for a weekend.  We tend to not plan many activities, but always find fun along the way.

-Home Sweet Home
We love our house and our neighborhood.  We live on a quiet street in a suburb just north of Milwaukee. Eleanor and Theo play outside with neighbor kids every chance they get.  As a neighborhood, we have two fun block parties in the summer and a big Halloween bash every year.

Thank you for taking the time to take a look at our profile! Should you choose our family, we promise to love your child unconditionally. We are committed to giving our children a life full of love, support, and opportunities.

With sincere appreciation,

James and Val