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​3 Hearts, 2 Journeys, 1 Family

Thank you for taking time to learn more about us. We hope this little introduction to us helps you in your journey, whether you choose to parent or to place your child with hopeful parents like us.

How we met: While we currently live in north-central Wisconsin, we met on a dating website -- in Alaska! We exchanged emails for a couple of weeks, then met for Thai food for our first date. In the following weeks, we went for hikes (in the snow) and cooked meals together - activities that we both enjoy and that allow for good conversation. We dated for four months, Christopher proposed, and we married four months later.

We have mutual respect for and continue to have genuine interest in understanding each other.  Being in this relationship is like being in your favorite outfit - one that is comfortable and confidence boosting. We are not saying life is always smooth sailing or that we always agree, but we can work through the difficult times. Our six year anniversary was in July 2019.

Why we want to adopt: While we have the gift of love for each other as a couple, we have not been able to create a child out of this love. Because we want to share this love so much with children, we've chosen to adopt. In some ways this is a complicated decision, but to know that we may have a chance to not only raise a family, but to provide a family where one is needed, makes those complications seem abstract. In the end, the chance to share in such love makes the decision for us.

Our experience with adoption: We became parents to a wonderful little boy through adoption. We adopted him at birth and he will be 3 in November 2019. He is learning his birth story from us, but we would like him to have a personal connection with his birth family, too. We have an open adoption and share photos monthly on a website and can see who has viewed and 'liked" them. Our hope is we will video chat and visit when the family is ready.

We spent time with both birth parents in the hospital for a few days because Baby was born early. Our drive home was surreal - we could hardly believe we were parents! We also wondered after the birth parents because we knew they were likely experiencing something other than our joy. We think of them often.

Our family: We enjoy spending time together as a family. Our photos reveal our love for the outdoors. We also spend time at a nearby indoor water park and children's museum. At home, we cook together and try to involve our son in daily activities such as chores.

Though we live apart from our extended family, they fully support our choice to adopt. Our son is loved and adored and an addition will receive a joyous welcome. We visit as often as we can.

Our home: Our home is in a quiet rural neighborhood on a small lake. There is a neighborhood beach where we occasionally meet up with other families. We fish, swim, and kayak in summers, and ski, snowshoe (and maybe fish?), and run our two dogs on it in winter. Dogs and humans both enjoy living here!

Thank you! We understand your decision will weigh heavily on you and will affect the rest of your life in ways we will not fully understand. Adoption links people together in ways other families don't experience. Your choice to parent or not, and who you choose to parent is difficult and so important. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our family, and we wish you well on your personal journey.

Shannon & Christopher