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​                                                   Pregnancy Counseling is a fragile process that will be difficult at times. Our goal is to provide you with tools, information, and support that allow you to reach a, thoroughly considered, decision and create a parenting plan for you and your baby no matter what decision you come to.

At the heart of Adoption Services is our concern for our   Birthparents  wrestling with the difficulties of a pregnancy, and our hopeful  Adoptive Parents  struggling with the heartache of infertility.

All of our pregnancy counseling services are free of charge and completely confidential

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Each day Mothers make a lot of decisions.

When to say “yes” or “no”

What are we eating?

            Do I have time to take a shower?

Most decisions take a split second to make, but ever so often a Mother is faced with a decision that can only be made after careful consideration,


We appreciate you wanting to know something about adoption and how we can help. There is a lot to think about if you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and we say that, “Adoption is an Option” because… it is! It isn’t the only option, it may or may not be the option that is right for you… only you can decide that. This is where every parent, planned or unplanned, starts their journey, answering the question, “Am I ready?”

No matter what you choose for you and your baby, Adoption Services is available to help you. Whether digging deep into all of  your options, preparing to raise your child, or finding a loving adoptive home for your baby, We Are Here.



We offer free and confidential counseling to explore all of your parenting and adoption options. We also provide you with: