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​3 Hearts, 2 Journeys, 1 Family

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Thank you for viewing our profile. We feel honored and humbled that you would consider us as potential parents for your child. You are courageous and thoughtful to consider adoption, while we cannot begin to fully understand the emotions nor comprehend the decisions you are making to create an adoption plan. We hope to have the opportunity to get to know you along this journey.

Here’s a little about us. We are Rus and Marci and we have been married 12 years. We met through a mutual friend after high school but it was a few years before we started dating. Rus surprised Marci with the proposal on vacation in Mexico after dating for a couple years. Family has always been important to us so we were married within the year so elderly family members could attend. Marci comes from a large family so there was always fun-loving chaos at family gatherings and Rus’ family is smaller and always there for each other. We have one daughter, Ruby (6y) who is as energetic and comical as both sides combined, but also has a generous heart. She is looking forward to being a big sister and keeps asking when that will happen. We had always hoped for a larger family in which to share our love but fertility issues encouraged us to search within and consider adoption.

Marci works full-time as a Business Operations Analyst for a local financial technology company. She loves the puzzles and problem solving of each days’ challenges then spending time cooking and baking at home to pamper friends and family. She also enjoys reading which includes snuggles with our cats, dancing, and walking/hiking to enjoy the great outdoors. Rus works from home as a Principal Network Analyst for a worldwide insurance company. He enjoys photography, music, reading, hunting, fishing and building anything and everything, and in his downtime can be found cooking, gardening, teaching drums and household construction. Most evenings you’ll find us enjoying a home-cooked meal with our daughter before evening events or staying home enjoying family time with a good book or games. Weekends are for extended family and friends or camping and boating up north.

Did we mention Rus’ love of construction? Within a couple years of marriage, he convinced Marci to spend 18 months learning construction skills and building their country home in central Wisconsin; it was worth all the long nights. It is the best of country living – wide open spaces for kids to run around, friendly neighborhood families, the diversity of living and learning in nature, while still close enough to a larger town for shopping and cultural events.

Once again we are thrilled that you would consider us for parenting your child. We look forward to knowing you better and sharing the story of your child’s heritage to shape the adult they will become.

With love and respect,

Marci & Rus