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We are Jason and Kara. As you read this letter we can only imagine you are filled with many thoughts and emotions. The thought that stands out the most to us is we cannot even begin to understand, and admire beyond words the strength, courage, and unselfishness it takes to consider an adoption plan for your child. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share with you about ourselves as a couple, and as a family. We hope it allows you to see how our lives led us to adoption, and possibly all of us to each other.

It started when we met as teenagers, living in the same neighborhood. We dated five years before getting married at 26, hoping to start a family. Years pasted trying infertility treatments, with no success. Shortly after ending treatments, it was with great surprise we were to become parents. Our daughter has brought us immeasurable joy, but we never stopped hoping to conceive again.  Kara was diagnosed with Endometriosis leading to a Hysterectomy, ending further hopes to conceive. We decided that adoption was the best way to expand our family. Adoption has personally been a part of, and enriched both our lives.

Jason is employed by United Plastic Fabricating as a Production Manager. He has been employed there for several years. One of the best aspects about his position is it allows him to be home before dinner, never work weekends or holidays, and be with his family for any events or activities. Jason enjoys the outdoors, fishing, boating, and snowmobiling. He also enjoys making meals on his smoker/grill year round. Watching a movie, or cheering for his favorite football team the Green Bay Packers. Spending time with his daughter playing in the pool, sports, play set, or sandbox. Also building snowmen/forts, and sledding. Kara describes him as loving, nurturing, fun and a go with the flow kind of Dad.

Kara is a stay at home mom. Prior to staying home she was employed as a Surgery Coordinator. She plans to remain a stay at home mom. Kara enjoys the outdoors, going for walks, gardening, and boating. Making baked goods, and decorating her home for the holidays. Being with her daughter doing what they call “girl time”. Shopping, dance class, and play dates with other kids/moms. Jason describes Kara as loving, attentive, and fun. The type of mom who will always go above, and beyond to make sure children come first.

Our daughter is outgoing, friendly, and loving. She will make a great big sister, and has expressed her desire to have a sibling. She is both a princess, and a tomboy. Enjoys school, dance class, softball, and playing with her friends. Also time with our family dog Nikki, she is very gentle especially with children, which is very important to us.

We purchased our home new seven years ago in a subdivision just outside of Appleton, Wisconsin. We chose the neighborhood because it is full of growing families. It is a safe and inviting place to live. Close to schools, parks, shopping, and many family based activities.

As a family we like to go for walks, biking, enjoying our pool/patio, making meals together, playing games, going to parks, and hanging out with our neighbors all who have young children. We also enjoy spending time in Northern Wisconsin at a family home on a lake, with many fun activities and vacations to water parks, and Walt Disney World. We are very close to our families. Family dinners, holidays, vacations, and any reason to spend time together. We are both grateful for the diversity of our family in which we have blended families through adoption, and marriage. It has given us the privilege to experience family life with unconditional love, and openness. We believe no matter how someone becomes a part of our family, the ultimate blessing of having new members to love is everything. We will always provide a family and home full of unconditional love, laughter, and encouragement. We hold you in the highest regard with the decisions you are facing. Reading our letter we hope you have gotten to know us a little along the way. As we would embrace the opportunity to get to know you. We are available via phone conversation, text, email, or in person.  


Jason & Kara                           


















Kara & Jason