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​3 Hearts, 2 Journeys, 1 Family

        We are Jill, Greg, and Samuel Staerzl. Together we make up Team Staerzl. Like all great families we are truly a team. We knew that we wanted a family, and realized that we were meant to adopt. It was clear to us that adoption was a very special way to create a family. Our dream of becoming parents came true on January 26, 2017 when we were blessed with an amazing son, Samuel. Our family and friends were extremely supportive through the process and were thrilled to welcome him. Samuel has added so much joy to our everyday lives!

        Each of us had a very nurturing and loving childhood. We were both encouraged to explore and learn through our mistakes. We knew that our parents were our greatest cheerleaders and loved us unconditionally for who we were. Our families traveled all over the United States and we can’t wait to share that same sense of adventure with our children. We strive to instill the same strong values by making sure Samuel knows the importance of family. We show him that our family is a priority by spending quality time with them. This includes getting together with our extended family to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and just to stay in touch and enjoy each other’s company. We are very close with our parents. Siblings, and our extended family members. We were both blessed to grow up with siblings and appreciate the bond and incredible experiences we shared. We would love for Samuel to have that same opportunity.

        Fostering a love for learning is important to us as we are both teachers. Jill is a 4th grade teacher. She finds it to be very rewarding. Seeing a child’s face light up when a connection is made makes her day! Greg is a technology and engineering teacher who teaches graphic design at the high school. He loves to see the creativity in his students. Greg also feels honored to help students find their future career paths.

        Ironically, we met because of a design job Greg did for Jill’s sister-in-law, Robin. Right away Robin knew that we would be a perfect pair. Robin arranged a blind date at a Mexican restaurant, which lead to many more dates. Greg proposed to Jill on his parent’s wedding anniversary at Mauthe Lake. Greg chose this special location because it held many great memories of the days his family camped there. Ten months later we were married surrounded by all our family and friends.

        As a family, we truly enjoy spending time with each other. We love to travel to new places and experience new adventures. Music is another one of our loves as we enjoy going to live concerts. Taking long walks and talking is a great way that we stay connected with each other.

        We admire your strength and courage in creating an adoption plan. We can only imagine how difficult it was to come to this decision. We look forward to having as open a relationship with you as you are comfortable with. We want your story to be an integral part of our family.

        Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about us. We wish you well on your journey.


Jill and Greg