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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Hello!  We are Jeremy and Jessica.  Although we haven’t met yet and don’t know your background(s), we realize that the decision to place your child for adoption is one made out of great love for your child.  We can’t imagine what you must be thinking and feeling now as you consider what adoption means for you and your child, but we do know that it shows that you have great courage and strength!  Adoption is a selfless decision on your part so that your child can be given the best opportunities in life through someone else.  If you choose to place your child with us, we will strive to give them those opportunities and unconditional love.  We will embrace that child as our own and keep their best interests in mind.

To help you get to know us better, here’s a little bit about us…We met in 2012 when Jeremy’s brother married one of Jessica’s college roommates.  We were paired up in their wedding party and hit it off from there!  We started a long-distance dating relationship shortly after, got engaged in 2013, and married in 2014.  That means, overall, we have been together for about 9 1/2 years and married for about 7 1/2 years now.  During that time, we have been able to create a close, strong bond with each other as our love continues to grow.  We feel compelled to share that love with any child that the Lord would bless us with.  Due to infertility issues, we have been led to do that through adoption.

We currently live in a small-town area, but would have all the things available to us that we would need to provide for a child-from day care providers and health clinics/hospitals to schools and department stores.  We would enjoy sharing our faith with our child through the support of our church family.  We also have a vast support system of family and friends who are excited for us and would be there for us if needed!  In addition to a friendly community to raise a child in, we live with our 2 cats in a bi-level home that has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, so there would be plenty of space for a child to live and grow.  We also have a large amount of yard space and community parks available for them to play in. 

We would love to share our hobbies and traditions with the children that we are blessed to raise and care for.  Our hobbies include playing board games, going for walks, playing basketball, yard games, bowling, cooking and baking, watching TV/movies, reading, fishing, camping, gardening/canning, and more!   We are also open to trying new things and enjoy traveling as well, so we hope to do so with any children we are blessed to bring into our family.  Our traditions would revolve around the holidays, especially over Christmas and Easter.  Those traditions involve exchanging gifts, visiting family, dying eggs, a candy hunt, and family meals together at the dinner table.

Here’s some more about our backgrounds…Jeremy is the middle child of five children.  His father is a pastor, and his mother was a homemaker who also homeschooled Jeremy and his siblings until they reached high school.  Jeremy’s parents, along with his siblings, have been a good support system for Jeremy over the years.  Although they are now spread out, Jeremy and his siblings remain close to each other.  Jeremy graduated college with a degree in agronomy, with a minor in precision agronomy.  He is now working as a precision agronomy specialist at a local co-op, where he enjoys helping farmers get the best yields out of their fields. 

Jessica is the oldest of three children.  Jessica’s father worked at a factory, and her mother worked as a dental assistant (then later as a dental hygienist) while she was growing up.  Both of Jessica’s parents were there for Jessica and her siblings, even being involved as leaders in some of their activities.  Jessica grew up in a close, loving family that is still that way today.  Jessica graduated from college with a degree in elementary education and a minor in Spanish.  She has served different teaching jobs and grade levels since.  She is currently using her Spanish and serving as a K-1 Dual Language teacher.

We are blessed to have several nephews and nieces on Jeremy’s side of the family as well as a niece on Jessica’s side.  Both sets of our parents love their role as grandparents and would gladly welcome more grandchildren, including through adoption.  They have been there and supported us throughout our adoption journey.  Our siblings are very supportive of our journey to adopt as well.  As much as we love watching our nephews and nieces grow and interacting with them any time that we are around them, we desire that much more to become parents and have children to call our own. 

Hopefully, this letter has given you a brief picture of our backgrounds and who we are.  We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have about us should you choose to go through our adoption agency to meet with us.  We pray that God guide your decision and give you peace in whatever it may be!

With grateful hearts,

Jeremy and Jessica

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Our Favorites- Jessica and Jeremy
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Fun Facts About Us- Jessica and Jeremy

Years Together: 9 (Married for 7)

Practiced Religion: Lutheran

​Jessica's Occupation: Teacher

Jeremy's Occupation: Precision Agronomy