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​3 Hearts, 2 Journeys, 1 Family

March 13, 2018

Meeting Our New Nephew!!!!!

Dear Expectant parent and Friend,

We would first like to thank you, for taking the time to read through our profile and take us into consideration. We know how incredibly difficult the journey you are on must be and we are so incredibly grateful for you for allowing us to share with you who we are and possibly be a part of this journey with you. Whatever path you decide to go on, we wish you and your loved ones nothing but the best in whatever decision you make that is best for you.

Let us start by introducing ourselves; we are Holly and Robert, aka Bob. We met through a mutual friend, fell in love, got married, and tried to start our family. However, due to our infertility 
troubles we decided that adoption would be the best way to grow our family and we couldn’t be more excited about the endless possibilities that adoption creates. Our home is filled with love and laughter, acceptance and respect, teamwork and kindness, and a whole lot of goofiness in each of us, including our dog, Archer. (He might be the goofiest one of us all). We try to embrace life and work together to create a life worth living, no matter what comes our way, good or bad.

We both have fulfilling careers in the fields we went to college for. Bob is an accountant for Kohler Co and Holly is a food scientist for Johnsonville Sausage. We have been lucky enough to find careers with companies that are family oriented that will give us the flexibility needed to 
make care for a child our top priority. 

We’ve been fortunate to be able to create a home in a quiet neighborhood right across from an elementary school. A neighborhood filled with families riding their bikes, playing soccer, or enjoying the playground at the school. Movie nights, backyard 
BBqs with friends and family, roasting s’mores around the bonfire, walks down to the lake and nightly home cooked dinners are a few of the things that we cherish together.

If the opportunity arises, we look forward to offering your child all of our love and support, unconditionally, by creating a home where they feel accepted and cared for; giving them every opportunity and adventure they want to go on. We want to share with them how adoption means they have more people that love them, not less, and share with them how beautiful and special adoption is.

Thank you so much, for taking the time to read our letter and look through our profile. We hope you find peace and comfort in whatever you decide, having faith in how strong and brave you are.

Sincerely with our best wishes,

Holly and Bob


June 18, 2018

MS walk Iowa, supporting our family. Great weekend to be surrounded by special people.