As a couple, we cannot imagine the challenging position you are in. This beautiful baby that you have felt kick your insides or take a nap on your bladder is blessed to have such a courageous mother and example. If you feel like you can give your baby everything s/he deserves and give them all the opportunities that you'd hope for them, then we wish nothing more for you than for you to parent your sweet baby. The love that a loving parent experiences from their child is life changing. We truly want what is best for you and baby. We know that you sincerely love your baby more than life itself, but if you know adoption would give your baby a life you can't provide, we hope that you will consider us.

We don’t need to know why you made this decision, but we would love to sit down and hear your story. We hope that we will become great friends and work in unison to raise your child. It is our promise that your baby will never be in want of food, clothes, or shelter. We will provide them with the same wonderful opportunities as all of our children. It is our biggest priority for our children to know how much we love and support them. We will hold them when they cry. We will kiss their boo-boos and sing them songs as they fall asleep. We will even come and pick them up after they wreck the car.

Throughout this whole process, we have felt that there is a specific baby meant to join our family. We will not try to convince you that we are the parents you should choose. We have made this profile for one specific mother, and though we haven't met her yet and have no idea who she is, we can tell you we have thought about her everyday since starting this process. We have prayed for her both in our individual and family prayers; that she will be comforted in the difficult time she's having, that she will be kept safe, that she will be able to find the support she needs, and that the baby will be healthy and strong. And even if you are not her, we hope all of these things for you. But if you have felt a connection to our family, and you have the feeling that we could be the forever family for your precious child, we hope that we will meet soon.

All our Love,
Brian and Eden



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Eden & Brian