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Pets: Yes

Stay-At-Home Parent: No

Other Adopted Children: No

​Other Biological Children: No

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My Niece
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My Favorites- Angie

On of the biggest supporters in my life is my boyfriend Mark. We met through mutual friends at a birthday party for my best friend in October of 2016. We started talking that night and haven't stopped talking since.

We both feel blessed that we met later in life and when we did. We believe timing is everything and everything happens for a reason.

We live together and but are not married yet. We plan on getting married down the road. 

While Mark will not be adopting he is committed to and excited to be involved in raising another child and doing it together. At this point in our life our focus is on growing our family first then on getting married. 

Mark has two children (both in their teens) and we love spending time together as a family creating memories and of course, running from one activity to another. 

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Dear Birthparent,

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to view my profile and consider me as a parent for your child. I can't imagine or begin to understand the emotions you are currently feeling.  I admire your strength and courage.

If you are willing I am eager to meet you and start our journey together. I hope my profile gives you a look into myself, my family, my support network and who I will be as a parent.  I would love nothing more than to become a parent and build my family through adoption. 

I am Angie, an implementation specialist at a well-known local Healthcare organization.  I am warm, positive and family orientated.  I am a cancer survivor; healthy and thriving.  The treatment to fight the cancer unfortunately took aware my ability to have children naturally.  After some fertility challenges I knew, without a doubt, the way I wanted to become a parent was through adoption.  I am very excited to grow my family.

I have a great network of support to help me with this journey and raising a child.  They are all very excited to welcome a little one to our family.  One big support is my boyfriend Mark.  We live together and he would play a huge everyday role in raising this child.  We have been together for over five years.  He is funny, dependable and kind.  Mark has two children from a previous relationship, Maddie (14 years old) and Kai (12 years old).  He is a caring, loving and a supportive Father.

I know we are not married, the reason is due to the financial cost for fertility and adoption.  I wanted to put the cost into having a child over a wedding and Mark was supportive of this decision.  

Our home is full of love and laughter.  We live in a safe, family friendly neighborhood with many children, parks and great schools. I am super close to my family whom we see every week! Maddie and Kai are excited to be a big sister and brother and our extended family is beyond thrilled to add a grandchild, niece/nephew, cousin to the bunch!

If you choose to place your child in my home and heart, they will be given unwavering love and be surrounded by family and friends who are accepting, kind and supportive.  I promise to provide opportunities and experiences to develop their talents and interests.  I am open, honest and can answer any questions you may have about myself, my boyfriend and my family.  I will openly communicate and honor an open adoption plan you feel comfortable with. 

This child will complete our family and make our hearts full and whole. This adoption will truly be a miracle to all of us.  Regardless of what couple you choose, I wish you strength during this time. I support you.


With Love,



Practiced Religion: Catholic

​Angie's Occupation: Portfolio Implementation Specialist

Fun Facts About Me- Angie

I love being with my family and friends. They are my biggest fans and supporters. It truly does take a village and I have a great one.

I am a cancer survivor. I am fortunate to be living, thriving, and healthy. I give my time volunteering with others who are battling cancer like I did.

One of the volunteer opportunities my family and I are honored to be part of it Light the Night.

​At Light The Night we gather as a community to celebrate, honor and remember those touched by blood cancers. Friends, families, schools, corporate teams, and sponsors join together to bring light to the darkness of cancer. The funds raised by this community fund lifesaving research, advocacy and support for blood cancer patients and their families.