​3 Hearts, 2 Journeys, 1 Family



I’m Ana.  Before I write much about myself, I just want to say that I cannot even imagine everything you are going through right now.  While your decisions will surely not be easy, just know that whatever decisions you make, that they will be the right ones, since they are rooted in your deep love for your child. 

So, a little bit about me…I am a mulit-racial woman in her mid-30’s.  I got my love of nature, food, and adventure from my German roots on my mom’s side, and I got my love of sports and outgoing personality from my Mexican roots on my dad’s side.

I live in a small, corner brick house right in the heart of Racine.  I’m within walking or running distance of just about everything, from playgrounds and schools, to the beach and local zoo.  

I absolutely love my job as a school counselor.  There’s honestly not much that compares to knowing you helped a kid through a tough time or helped a senior buckle down and graduate.  Not going to lie though, the Summer Breaks are pretty nice too!  For me, being active is a pretty big part of my life.  Anytime I can, I love getting out and being active outdoors!  And what better time than during my two months off every summer.

My life right now is just me and my sweet Boston Terrier/Beagle puppy, Luna.  While it is just the two of us, we do have tons of family and friends that live close by.  My dad still lives in my childhood home only 8 minutes away, and I have an aunt and a few uncles I’m close to who are all within 5 miles.  

So, why adoption?  I’ve always felt so deeply that I want to be a mother.  And while marriage has not yet been in the cards for me, I cannot imagine intentionally choosing to bring a child into this world on my own when I know there is a baby out there somewhere who I could give all my love to.

I would love to sit down and talk,