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Adopteeology: The DNA Kit Has Arrived!!! 

​June 24, 2019

Adopteeology: Chapter 1: Adoptee... What? This is The Beginning of an Adoption Story that Chronicles the Journey of an Adoptee as She Unlocks Her Hidden Biology with the Help of DNA Testing.

​June 17, 2019

June 27, 2019

I just received an e-mail that my DNA has been received by Ancestry! Watch the video above for a sneak peek into the Ancestry Lab and how they process and extract the DNA.

Everyday our clients and potential clients share with me their adoption story and I am honored to be a partner in their journey's.

As an Adoptee my story is uniquely my own and I am excited to turn the tables a little bit and share with you my journey. 

I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and this created in me a need to know what other, potentially life saving, information could be gained from identifying my biological medical history. This information is not only potentially pertinent to my health but to the health of my young son. Hopefully in doing this he will not, one day, be blindsided by a life changing diseases and can exercise proper preventive care in the future.

So, here we are Adoptee-ology

My adoption story, that will chronicle my journey to unlock my hidden biology with the use of DNA testing.