​3 Hearts, 2 Journeys, 1 Family

What type of adoption is right for you?

What characteristics of the process do you feel you need a certain amount of control? Are you emotionally prepared for the uncertainty? Consider: 

                    A child’s age?
                    Do you need/want a complete medical and social history?
                    Physically and/or racially dissimilar?
                    Level of Contact with birthparents?

Does your family support your decision?

Are you prepared to answer your child’s questions about adoption?

How will you share your child's history with them?

Explore Becoming Adoptive Parents:

Every Adoption Begins with a Decision and a Homestudy.

where to start & what to expect:

Every Adoption Begins with a Decision and a Homestudy.

What to Expect

After you have decided on what kind of adoption you want to pursue, you can contact us and we will send you an application. This application asks for general personal information about you, your spouse, your marriage, your children (if any), your education, your job, and your intentions with adoption. This form also asks you to give us a list of five people who are willing to act as your references.

The application must be submitted along with copies of birth certificates, marriage license, divorce decree(s), proof of auto and homeowner’s insurance, most recent W-2, pet vaccinations, military discharge, and a recent picture of you. We also request that at this time you sign the agency agreement and other related forms acknowledging our requirements.

After this, we will start to process your application. If there are any questions, or if we anticipate a problem, we will call you. In the meantime, you continue to gather the documents we need. A physical will need to be done, and a medical report submitted, along with health insurance verification. You will also need to start on your autobiography.

We continue to process the application, accessing reference checks, protective services checks, crime bureau checks, police checks, and driver’s record checks.

The State of Wisconsin requires 18 hours of adoption education. Couples can begin to work on their education, which needs to be finished prior to the completion of the homestudy.

After all documents have been received, one of our social workers will call to arrange your homestudy meetings with you. There are typically three meetings for a homestudy, sometimes more or less depending on the type of adoption, and the process goes fairly quickly once you start. Generally we like to schedule one meeting a week, and after the last meeting you can expect to get a rough draft of the study in one to two weeks.

At this point the homestudy process is done and we just need to dot all the “I’s” and print the final reports in the proper manner. When you receive the draft you will proof read it and notify us of any corrections. After all corrections have been made and the report is done, we will send an original, notarized copy of the homestudy to you and, if applicable, any other partner agencies. You will also receive and a State of Wisconsin Foster Care License. 

Adoption is a lot more than just "getting" a child. It is a journey that brings together two families. Like any journey adoptive parents need to plan but not expect to reach their destination without a few long, winding, difficult, and tiring bumps in the road. Along the way you may ask yourself,                                                       Never forget that with a little resilience, strength, courage, appreciation, and adoption agencies as your partner this journey will lead you to the greatest love of all: 

​Explore Becoming Adoptive Parents: Every Adoption Begins with a Decision and a Home Study

We understand that there are many questions that you have right now. Whether you are excited, stressed, overwhelmed or all of the above, As potential adoptive parents you need to pick a strong partner in your adoption journey. Interviewing different adoption agencies is the best way to find that partner.

We hope that the information that follows will give you an idea of the structure and process of adoption

Every adoption begins with a


and with that a lot of paper work! Part of an adoption agencies job is to ensure that adoptive parents are able to provide for a child in many different ways. This means we need proof and confirmation of everything!